The sunniest day of them all!

What a beuatiful day for Embla and Vala, the sun was shining, everyone laughing and these two lovebirds were chirping.

The morning

The morning started by them getting ready together at a little summerhouse close to the venue, there was music, cheese and bubbly and it was wonderful to see the whole family having fun together. After everyone was ready they went on to do a photoshoot, the weather was so good that we even had to hide away from the sun!

The ceremony

The ceremony was at a beautiful church and it was a wonderful ceremony, the brides walked side by side up the ail. The music was beautiful and there were dephinately some tears as well as laughter!

The evening

The evening was packed with amazing entertainment and heartfelt speeches, people had drinks outside in the sun and after the wonderful meal there was some expert dancing.

Wonderful day all in all!