Beautiful Country Wedding in Iceland

Una og Darri got married on a beautiful summers day in Mosfellsdal. They celebrated their relationship family, friends and their very sweet dog Leia. It was such a lovely day in the country side and the weather was absolutely unreal!

The day started at Una's home where here friends came to join her with a bit of bubble, Una then went on to getting ready and had her flowers delivered. I am known to be a bit obsess with flower and these did not disappoint. They where beautiful colors with wild Icelandic flowers and perfectly matched Una's cute wellies! I then went off to see Darri which got ready in 20min - absolute legend, and I got in some time to play with his parents very cute dogs!

The ceremony was held outside in the shelter of a little forest, it was such a beautiful humanistic ceremony and when it was over Una and Darri signed to officiate their marriage on the bonnet of a car (I thought that was pretty cool). We went for a little photoshoot and then walked over to the venue. The venue is a horse stable and a barn that is still in use, it was absolutely an actual "sveitarbrúðkaup" or barnwedding. Grilled burgers and fries where served outside with lots of booze on the tap and tables where filled with sweets and cakes. Songs where sings, a big group dance was done and I am sure in the middle of the night there was dancing. I left at 1pm and people were just about to get ready to go dancing. Icelandic weddings are famous for going on for long and this one was no different! It was an absolute please to say goodbye to the guys after a beautiful photoshoot in the sunset. I went home with a huge smile on my face!