Winter Wedding in Iceland

Steinar and Urður got married in the lovely FÍ Hall in Iceland, they were unbelievable brave and went out -14 degrees for a beautiful photo shoot! We all have to agree it was totally worth it and we got beautiful images in the snow.

The wedding was on a beautiful winter day in Iceland, everything was covered with snow and the weather was still and beautiful. They spent a lovely time getting ready at Urður’s home with their children and all the dogs. It was really relaxed and remarkably everything was pre-schedule ( that never really happens)

After a lovely photo shoot in the show, everyone got ready to go down to the FÍ hall for a wonderful ceremony. All the guest were serenaded by wonderful songs, and the humanistic ceremony was very personal and fun. After a lot of crying and laughing everyone got together for a big photo and some bubble. The night then went on with lot of entertainment from the couples friends and vegetarian pizzas from Flatbakan were served for all the guests with lots of options for vegans. The cake was absolutely amazing and was completely vegan which was a lovely touch. The night ended with a lot of dancing and Elvis even came to visit! Wow what a day!