Flowers for your wedding

Some might think that it is hard to find good places for beautiful flowers in Iceland but in fact there are a lot of great options.

Here you can see some of the amazing flower arrangements from some of the weddings I have photographed in Iceland and look out for the links of the florists that did them.

Steinunn & Mangús

What an awesome wedding that was!

The flowers from Blómahönnun were absolutely gorgeous and really fitted the style of Steinunn's look. The beautiful reds in bouquet perfectly match her stunning hair.

Agnar Darri

& Una Helga

They had a wonderful true countryside wedding in a real barn!

Their flowers in the barn were freshly cut Icelandic wildflowers that many would in fact call weeds. While the beautiful flower crown and bouquet were from a lovely shop called Auður Blómabúð.

Anna & Andri

They had the most wonderful wedding in absolutely stunning weather. The flowers were done by a Möggudögg and were completely icelandic flowers which fitted the theme of the wedding so well.

There were also many wild flowers the family had picked around the venue and the best idea was the dried petals and leaves that they used as confetti!

Urður & Steinar

They got married in -14 degrees and the most beautiful weather! It was a gorgeous day and the flowers surely matched it. The flowers matched perfectly to the theme of the wedding and lasted surprisingly long in the frost!

It's good to keep in mind what flowers you want for your winter wedding and discuss with your florist what will manage the cold.

Björk & Bragi

Their wedding was in the country and they decided to use all that was on offer. All the flowers in their wedding were wildflowers from the countryside and they picked specifically all the invasive species.

It was especially fun to see the lupine being thrown as confetti that day!

The rain made everything even more magical and they drove off in a flower decorated car.