A head full of ideas!

When planning a wedding there are so many things to keep in mind! And you might sit at home on a Sunday evening totally overwhelmed by it all!

Well, I am one of these people that lay in bed thinking about every single detail at night so I decided to share with you a few things to keep in mind about your wedding when it comes to photography. And also to reassure you most of the time the things you are worried about won't make a difference when it comes to it!

How do you feel about the weather?

Take a little time to think about how you feel about getting a bit rained on for your day or having the wind in your hair. Some people don't mind getting a little wet while others don't want their outfit and all the effort they put into looking nice to go to waste. 

Either or there are always wonderful places to get a special picture on your day.

The photoshoot

Many people now a days like to plan their photoshoot before the ceremony. 

This is especially good when the children are going to be a part of the photoshoot at the start.

I always reccomend not traveling more than 30 minutes to your place for the photoshoot. Time can act in misterious ways on your wedding day, so the less traveling you need to do the better! 

There are also surprisingly interesting places that are often close to home. Think about special places close to your heart and mention them to your photographer. I also always have good places in mind.

Pro Tip!

Make sure to have comfy shoes and a warm coat for the photoshoot, it will make all the difference.

Group photos

Group photos are great to send to family and friends and bit of a tradition. However you are probably not going to want to stand for 40+ minutes with a smile stuck on your face!  Think of time, each group takes about 3 minutes. I always reccomend maximum of 10 groups. You will have me the whole day anyway so I can always catch a runaway!

The Big One

I always encaurage people to get the nice big groupshot. Makes life easy at christmas when you want to send out thoose cards.

Just have a little think if you would like it after the ceramony or later on in the venue.

To Confetti or

not to Confetti

Some people like to finalise their vows with something special, like confetti throwing, bubble blowing or a conga line! It is good to think about how you plan the transition from ceramony to reception time. A grouphoto can often be a fun way to do that!

Do it your way

No matter what you decide to do just remember this is your day and you should make sure to make it the nicest experience that suits your needs.

I always reccomend a little bit of planning and having a space to think about what you would like to do. It is ideal to meet someone like me to have a chat about what you expect from the day and get me to ask all those questions you might not have thought about!